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Pandora Model

HMS Pandora was a typical Royal Navy frigate of the 18th century. She was employed in Channel Service blocking the invasion of the French and Spanish fleets. Later, she served as convoy escort between England and Canada.

Pandora was sent to the South Pacific in 1790 to capture the 25 men who had 'pirated' the Bounty. Her mission was to reclaim the Bounty and to capture the mutineers and bring them home to stand trial. On her South Pacific voyage, the Pandora was carrying a special armament of 20 six-pounder carriage guns and 4 eighteen-pounder carronades. At the end of this voyage, Pandora was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef 29th August 1791.

HMS Pandora with full sails, view at bow and forecastle

view at stern

Detail view of captain's cabin and mizen-mast